Louisiana didn't get the name Sportsman's Paradise just because somebody in Baton Rouge thought it would look good on a car tag. We get that name honestly and our state proudly boasts some of the best hunting and fishing in the world.

Since we are getting into Spring a lot more of the focus is on fishing. If you've ever listened to us discuss fishing on the Bruce and the Kennel Club show, you know I don't believe in artificial bait. I also don't like the big commercial sweep net style of fishing that some individuals do just to pad their catch. I am a line and a pole kind of guy.

I guess it's true then, everything old is new again if you can believe this amazing fishing video from the South Pacific. The tried and true line and pole used with live bait and a little old fashioned teamwork is now the rule and not the exception when it comes to making a big haul in the tuna fishing world. Can you imagine a party barge full of adequately lubricated Cajuns flipping through Vermilion Bay doing this kind of business? All I can say is after you see this video I want to be invited to the next fish fry.

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