Let's be honest, did you squirm just a little bit reading the title of this? Because nobody wants to know that their kitchen, or any other part of the house, is considered DIRTY. It is so important to keep a clean kitchen, because food poisoning, and getting sick, is a very real thing when you slack off on the cleaning.

King of Maids is not only letting us know which are the dirtiest items in your kitchen, but how to sanitize them as well. Thanks goodness.

  1. Dish Washing Sponge - a new study says it can never be cleaned enough. Ever. So just go ahead and throw it away. (That's why it's #1)
  2. Salt and Pepper Shakers - put them in the dishwasher to clean. And don't hand wash.
  3. Kitchen Handles - cabinets, refrigerator - use disinfecting wipes as often as you can
  4. Cooking Utensils - don't hand wash, always put in a dishwasher that goes up to at least 140 degrees
  5. Kitchen Sink - Web MD says your kitchen sink has more germs than your toilet. They suggest bleach and water at least once a day
  6. Dish Towels - you've got a lot of towels in your house. These are the dirtiest. And you're probably just spreading germs around with every use. Launder with hot water and a little bleach.
  7. Cutting Board - a perfect breeding ground for cross contamination. Food safety experts recommend using wood for cutting vegetables, plastic for cutting meat. Plastic can go in the dishwasher, and wood needs to be cleaned with quaternary ammonium sanitizer
  8. Can Opener - residue food from the can you just opened remains on the blade. Try soaking in vinegar at least once a month, and use a toothbrush for those hard to reach crevices
  9. Knife Block - residue and crumbs fall into the slots, and can be cleaned with a baby bottle brush. Be sure to turn it upside down first and give it a good shake!
  10. Coffee Pot - use a mixture of vinegar and water to brew and clean once a month. You can also put the glass part of the pot, and the basket, in the dishwasher


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