We all love to be in love. Being in love is risky though. You have to put yourself out there to tell someone that you love them. Then comes those tense moments when you wait for their response. We all hope to hear "I love you too". Sometimes we don't hear that. Some times when we text our feelings we don't get a response either.  The website Reddit recently asked their readers, what's the worst response you could get to saying I love you. Here are my top 5.


  • Joe Readle, Getty Images
    Joe Readle, Getty Images

    New Phone, Who Dis?

    Well this is just awkward on so many levels. Did you really send the message to a total stranger? Does the love of your life not even have your information stored in their phone? Did they really get a new phone and not tell you? Oh so many questions and so few answers, that's why it hurts to be in love.

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    I'm Sorry You Feel That Way

    You know from the get go that this isn't going to end well. First nobody should ever feel sorry for being loved. Second, if they do then they are trying to let you down as easy as possible. Much like an elevator with a broken cable would do. Except the elevator is your heart and when it hits bottom it's going to break all to pieces.

  • Dimitrios Kambouris, Getty Images
    Dimitrios Kambouris, Getty Images

    I Used To Love You Too

    Let's hope you never get this one from a parent. However, if you happen to be texting an ex you just might get this kind of response. It will usually be followed by a long diatribe of why you are no longer held in  high favor. It could also result in police at your door if a restraining order has been issued against you.

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    Hmm, they saw it. They read it. They haven't responded. Were they at a funeral? Were they driving? Do they simply want to ignore your feelings and hope the feelings and you just go away? Oh the possibilities than can race through your mind. There is nothing worse than knowing for sure that you are being totally ignored.

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    What a very casual way to bring someone's world crashing down around them. The admission of our deepest emotion is met with the same response you would get to saying "I'm going to do laundry". It's like meeting your favorite star and finding out they are a legitimate butt horse with poor dental hygiene. Alas, such are the affairs of the heart.

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