We need some rain. That is a statement that I think we can all agree on. Looking at Natalie Noah's 8 day weather forecast we might get a shower but I am not holding out much hope. My yard has gotten all nice and crunchy and I am walking that fine line between saving it or spending my savings on a watering bill. In Lafayette Parish we have watering restrictions designed to make sure there is plenty of water pressure in the system in the event of an emergency. Despite those watering restrictions you can still keep your flower beds, yards and plants hydrated and healthy, you might want to invest in some simple tools to make the job easier and more cost effective.

I found when the kids were younger the watering can was a great way to let them help out around the house and it was a job they could do without too much chance of it going wrong. It also gave them a chance to get wet which lead to the sprinkler.

The automatic sprinkler is a great addition to any home watering arsenal. I like the kind where you can set the pattern. This way I don't wind up watering my driveway and the street and more of the water I am paying for goes on to my plants.

There are certain times of day when you will get the most out of your watering efforts and there are other ways to be creative in keeping moisture in your flower beds. Your local nurseryman or garden center can help out with other ideas too.

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