While the Cadillac Three are best known to many fans as performing artists, the three bandmates -- Jaren Johnston, Neil Mason and Kelby Ray -- are also prodigious songwriters, who've written a number of hits for other artists in the country community.

One of those other artists is Jake Owen, whose 2013 song, "Days of Gold," was originally penned by Johnston and Mason. Now, the Cadillac Three are putting their own spin on the tune in a new, live setting.

As part of its annual RISERS series, Taste of Country asked the Cadillac Three to pick a cover song to perform live in studio. The group reasoned that "Days of Gold" was a cover of a cover -- that is, a cover of Owen's version, which was in turn a cover of their own original.

However, the Cadillac Three are known for putting their own spin on any song they perform -- cover or otherwise -- and this high-octane, turbo-charged interpretation of "Days of Gold" is no exception. Press play above to watch!

During the RISERS live performance, the trio also fielded fan questions and performed a set of songs from their brand-new album, Country FuzzAmong those selected songs is "Hard Out Here for a Country Boy," an uptempo, tongue-in-cheek banger that features guest appearances from Travis Tritt and Chris Janson.

The band's new album defines their sound, the Cadillac Three explain, which is equal parts country, rock 'n' roll and Southern rock. It's a 16-track collection that shows the band's evolution and a bit of their bluesier influences, always with an eye towards the band's live show.

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