It's all about perspective. Things will always look a little different if you change the location that your looking from. Here on Planet Earth, especially in the news our planet seems like a fragile balloon about to burst with war, political upheaval and other strife. From the different perspective of the International Space Station our world looks very calm and delicate, especially in this time lapse video taken at night.

 The video begins over the Pacific Ocean and then we slide down the West Coast of North America, you might can make out the bright lights of Los Angeles and San Diego and the Baja Peninsula. Our flight continues through Mexico and into South America where we greet the rising sun near Antartica.

The thin yellow line you see just above the horizon is not a function of the video, it is our Earth's ionosphere, the layer of the atmosphere that gives us the really spectacular northern lights during the winter. Enjoy the ride and take a deep breath, we are all going to be just fine no matter how much chaos we are experienceing on the surface.