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The NBA is set to restart its season at the end of July with 22 teams returning to play at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex campus in Florida. The season will restart with an eight-game schedule for each team and the plan is to follow a team's regular remaining schedule as closely as possible.

The New Orleans Pelicans (3.5 games back of Memphis for the 8th seed) are in the mix for the final playoff spot or at the very least the ninth seed that would enter them into a mini play-in tournament against the eighth seed. If the Pelicans were to finish as the nine seed (within four games of the eighth seed) they would need to beat said team two games in a row where the eighth seed would need just one win in two games.

Who are the Pelicans set to face when the season restarts? If we take a look back at the schedule and hear from NBA Writer Preston Ellis of The Bird Writes on Twitter this is what they could be facing:

So, the Kings, Jazz, Clippers, Spurs, Grizzlies, Kings, Grizzles, and Magic. There are only two teams they'll face that are above .500 in the Jazz and Clippers and the four-game stretch of playing the Spurs (without LaMarcus Aldridge), Grizz, Kings, and then Grizz again will loom large.

Of course, Memphis is right in front of them in the eighth seed, exactly where the Pels are aiming to be and then Sacramento is tied with New Orleans winning percentage-wise along with San Antonio being just a half-game back. That four-game stretch will be the difference between them making the play-in tournament and having their season end after an eight-game restart after a long layoff due to the coronavirus pandemic.


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