Relationships, sometimes they last and sometimes they don't. This is a story of a relationship that didn't last but was continued without one half of the relationship knowing anything about it.  Tracy, she didn't want to use  her last name, is a nurse in North Carolina. Her story is enough to send shivers up and down  your spine, in fact her story is so chilling she and her children don't even want to sleep in their own home anymore.

Tracy once dated a man who was sent to prison. This man, according to Tracy, had issues with drugs and was constantly needing money. When this man was sent to prison, Tracy made it quite clear the relationship was over. Fast forward to about a year ago, Tracy's former boyfriend had been released from prison and approached Tracy about doing some odd jobs around her home.

The projects were completed and Tracy thought the former flame had moved on. He had not, he had moved into Tracy's attic.Leaving out one important detail, he did not tell Tracy that he was going to be her roommate.

From his lofty perch he could spy on Tracy and her family and it appears he had been doing it for quite sometime. Tracy reportedly told friends about hearing bumping noises and see nails fall out of her roof. She asked some friends to go into her attic to inspect and that's when they discovered someone had made a home high above Tracy's living room.