Obviously, this story contains “Breaking Bad” spoilers, so if you’re not caught up you’re gonna want to stop reading.

As bitter sweet as it is, “Breaking Bad” comes to an end this Sunday. There’s nothing we can do about it. It’s over. But what an AMAZING ride it’s been. Everyone and their momma is trying to figure out how this whole crazy story is going to end, including me and the few people around the station that are caught up. As horrible as Walter White, Heizenberg, Mr. Lambert is, for some reason I’m still pulling for him to “Win”. There’s no way he will just prance off into the sunset with the few family members that are still alive. There’s no way he’s going to beat cancer. BUT, there is still a way for him to “Win”.

Walt has done all of this for his Family. As misguided and power hungry as he got, his main motivation for all of this was family. Walt’s biggest fear was realized this past episode when the reality hit him that everything he has done is for nothing. Walt finds out the family is no longer living in the house, and Skyler is now working as a Taxi dispatcher. Far from the life he had intended for them to live after he’s gone. He thought he had figured out a way to send Walt Jr. and Skyler some money, but Walt Jr. shut that down real quick. Last we see Walt, he’s at the bar that he called Walt Jr. from, when his two old business partners from Grey Matter Technologies pop up on the news. They’re being interviewed about Walter White and what kind of person he is. When questioned about Walt’s involvement with Grey Matter, they go on to say how he really didn’t have anything to do with the company’s success. We know this isn’t true because the company, using Walt’s research, flourished into a billion dollar company. After seeing this on t.v., Walter White vanishes. Just moments before however, he called the DEA to turn himself in. After seeing his old partners on t.v., SOMETHING snaps in Walt’s head. Good or bad, SOMETHING makes him hightail it out of the bar. Here’s what I think he’s going to do…


First, he’s hell bent on getting the rest of his money back from Todd and the Aryan gang. That’s what I think the heavy duty artillery is for in the trunk of the car he gets at the Denny’s. So, after all hell breaks loose and he gets his stolen money back, it’s on to part 2 of the plan – getting his family the money. I think at this point, he pays his old business partners Elliott and Gretchen at Grey Matter Technologies a visit. Somehow, probably using threats and guns, he gets Elliot and Gretchen to sell him part of Grey Matter Technologies. In the terms of the buy-in, all profit earned from his share of the company goes to…you guessed it, Skyler and the kids. It’s the only way he can take care of his family with the money he’s destroyed lives for. Remember, in the past Walt has referred to Grey Matter as something that was supposed to be his “kids’ birthright”. As it stands, the family will not accept ANYTHING that they know comes directly from him and his drug empire. Whether it's through threats or guilt, buy-in or investment, I think Grey Matter is the avenue for him to ensure his family's financial stability.  And now is where I think the Ricin comes in. Walt takes the Ricin after the deal with Grey Matter is solidified. Maybe something is drawn up in the Grey Matter buy-in that states the White family can only receive money and benefits after Walter has died. Walter White ends his story, his life, on HIS terms, not falling a helpless victim to his cancer.

I know I’m probably completely wrong, as I have been so many times trying to figure this show out. I’m sure I’m off on some details about the Grey Matter deal, but I’m thinking overall I’m on to something…but probably not.