I guess Jude Walker has been spending some extra time in church because it looks like his prayers have been answered. Jude is the biggest Golden Girls fan that I know. He can even recite dialogue right along with the characters. So I know he will be thrilled to hear the Golden Girls are coming back to TV. Notice I didn't say to a TV near you.

The "new" Golden Girls is a Dutch TV show. The plot lines are very similar to the American original and even the characters look very familiar. The problem is, they don't speak English. It's all in Dutch. The theme song appears to be the same, Thank You For Being A Friend, at least the words are sung to the same melody as that song I don't know for sure because it is Dutch.

By the way, the American Golden Girls have all passed on with the exception of the amazing and incredible Betty White. Here is the opening to the Dutch version of the show


And in case your are lonesome for the original, Here is the American version.


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