One of the many blessing I was given in my life is being one of three children. I was placed smack dab in the middle, too. I have a sister, Bonnie, who is 7 years older than me and a brother, Cory, who is about 7 years younger. Growing up, I always walked right on my sister's heels. I wanted to be all grown up like she was. And then came little brother and my world was forever changed.

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Cory is my heart and soul. The feeling of being a big sister is indescribable. The moment he was born, I became big sister, bully, annoyance, and protector. I make sure to remind him as often as I can that his favorite habit as a baby was to head butt my in the nose. I promise he loves me. Watching Cory grow up has been a gratifying journey. This past November he turned 16 and just recently he received his driver's permit. My little man isn't so little anymore.

I know that I am no where near the perfect big sister and I fail quite often to live up to my duties, but I let Cory know as often as possible how much I love him.

Like every momma, mine always reminded us that our siblings were going to be the only ones we would have after her and my father pass and that we better get used to it now. There's no getting used to it for me. I love my sister and brother more than words could begin to express and wouldn't trade them for anything in this world. I make sure to tell them that every day.

I came across an article titled 'To My Little Brother' and the first line read 'I am not your mother, but I am your big sister.' This is Cory and I's relationship to a T. I fuss just like my mother, but I am first and foremost his sister and protector.

My challenge to you today is this. Let the one's dearest to you know how much you love them. Call them and let them know it. Even if you already did 5 minutes ago, do it again. They may get a little annoyed, but it will mean more than you know.


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