When choosing a professional to handle your taxes, your legal issues, your medical issues, or your financial issues what do you look for? If you said high heels you'd be subconsciously correct. There is a correlation between the perceived height of an individual and their ability to do their job.

On an athletic field a physical advantage is obvious but what about in fields where the playing field happens between the ears? Well, taller is perceived to be better and that's in both men and women.

Perception is the keyword. It seems that for women especially high heels have a lot to do with implied power and intelligence. Which is odd because the reason high-heeled and platform shoes were invented were so that the ladies of the ancient world could traverse the streets without stepping directly in raw sewage and human waste.

It seems that high heels, for women, are more a case of the status quo as opposed to the fashion accessory of the moment. If a woman moves into an affluent area the chances are the heels on her shoes will rise as much as an inch. It's all about the birds of a feather mentality.  In fact, an inch in heel height could equate to a difference of ten to fifteen thousand dollars in annual compensation.

We're not arguing right or wrong in this story. We are simply stating what the reality is right now. As strange as it may seem, the way for a woman to get ahead in almost any walk of business life is to learn how to walk on shoes with elevated heels.



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