For generations, part of the University of Louisiana experience has been a trip to The Keg on McKinley Street. That portion of McKinley, known as "The Strip" has been known as a place where kids could head for a good time.

Unfortunately some of those kids were underage and being served alcohol. That led the Department of Alcohol and Tobacco Control to shut down the Keg for violations of rules and regulations earlier this year.

The Keg is now under new management and is open for business again. The new owner, Marek Kopieczek, hopes that the crowds will return to the once popular night spot. He did tell reporters that new equipment is in place to help monitor the problems that the previous ownership had.

In addition to purchasing scanners to electronically verify identification of patrons. It is said that Kopieczek actually has undercover operatives on staff to ensure that staff and patrons are following the letter of the law and will not be tempted to serve those who are below the legal age to be served.

Authorities with the Department of Alcohol and Tobacco Control applaud these changes and while the club is indeed under new management it will still closely monitor The Keg, its patrons and its policies.