Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady turned 45 today, reminding the world he continues to defy the odds in the sport of football.

Widely considered the best football player of all-time, Brady holds a ton of all-time records.

However, there's one record that won't show up on his NFL stats page.

Yesterday, the NFL announced discipline of the Miami Dolphins organization and owner Stephen Ross for tampering with Brady and former Saints head coach Sean Payton while both were under contract.

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In Brady's instance, it happened on two occasions. Once while he was with the Patriots, and again when he was with the Bucs.

One of the punishments was the forfeiture of Miami's 2023 first-round pick.

Brady received no discipline for his role, but definitely holds the record for most involvements in a team being forced to forfeit a 1st round draft pick.



Ross-gate. (The latest one doesn't have a "gate" attached to it yet but it might as well.

Spain received some blowback from Brady stans on social media, but didn't seem bothered.

To be clear, Brady's team didn't directly benefit from Rossgate, while the NFL's investigation into deflate-gate was highly questionable at best, and extremely shady at worst.

As far as Spygate goes, Brady never illegally videoed anyone, but the Patriots undoubtedly gained an advantage by breaking the rules.

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