The internet is quite wonderful. Thanks to the world wide web and smart phones arguments in bars are often settled with a click of a button. Recipes are found quickly. People with inquiring minds don't have to wait for long to get the answers they really want.

The people at Estately dot com decided that you and I should know what the most searched question on the internet was for each state. Some of the questions are quite deep. Other questions are not so deep, for example the most searched question in Louisiana makes sense but it's not the deepest question you could possibly ask.

That question is: "When is Wrestlemania"?

If that's not enough to make our lawmakers want to improve education in our state then I don't know what is. The people in Hawaii like to ask the deepest questions. Their most popular search question is " What is the meaning of life"?

People in Wyoming want to know "What is Wyoming". People in Florida are asking "Why does everyone hate Florida"? So, maybe the Wrestlemania question isn't as obtuse as I first thought it was.

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