The Super Bowl is arguably the biggest event in all of sports. The entire week leading up to the Super Bowl is special, as the NFL and the host city have events going on throughout the week. One thing that can make or break whether or not Super Bowl week is fun, is the location of the Super Bowl. Well, according to Dov Kleiman of BroBible, the NFL has the locations picked for the Super Bowl for 2024, 2025, and 2026.

For all Louisianians, we can get excited because New Orleans is set to host the Super Bowl in 2025.

With Vegas hosting the Super Bowl in 2024 and New Orleans in 2025, you can expect back-to-back amazing Super Bowls and Super Bowl weeks. However, San Francisco with their new stadium is expected to host the Super Bowl in 2026. The last time San Francisco hosted was for Super Bowl 50 which was Peyton Manning with the Broncos vs Cam Newton and the Panthers.

New Orleans is known for hosting great events. From the Sugar Bowl in college football to March Madness with college basketball or NBA All-Star weekend, New Orleans is easily a top 5 city in America to host events. So Louisianians should get excited for 2025 because that will be a party, hopefully, the Saints are in a position to make the Super Bowl because if they do it will be an even bigger party.

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