The Oak Ridge Boys' William Lee Golden is a taken man. The Country Music Hall of Famer wed Simone Staley in a private ceremony among a small group of close family and friends in Nashville this past Saturday.

Celebrities in attendance of course included his fellow band members Duane Allen, Richard Sterban and Joe Bonsall among others.

The marriage between Golden and Staley is straight out of a fairytale, as the two rekindled a friendship after 27 years.

The two first met at a show in October of 1980 and the attraction was instant. They would spend time together over the next couple of years, however, their lives went in two different directions after a concert in 1982 and they lost touch.

Fast forward to May of 2009, when they both had recently lost their mothers, they reignited their friendship and bonded over their mutual love of art and painting.

By the summer of 2013, Golden invited Simone to come to Tennessee and go to Alabama and Florida with him to visit family and friends. The time spent traveling together allowed the two to get to know one another even better, and it was that trip that solidified what they already knew - that they couldn't be without each other.

The couple plan to reside to reside in their home they found together in 2013 in middle Tennessee with their loving pets.