There are words in the English language that really don't mean a whole lot. Thingamabob, thingamajig and fiscal responsibility in government. I thought they were just made up words to cover silence when there was no word to use.

To me, our off beat, misused and sometimes totally backwards use of words and phrases must make English, and more specifically American English, one of the hardest languages to master.

We have entire cultures within our own borders that have no clue how to use the language. I am not talking about the grammar Nazi's on Facebook either. Those people need to get a life, a hobby and some better friends if you ask me. If you're entire life is spent searching the Internet to correct people then you need to leave the planet now.

I use the word wonkey a lot. To me wonkey means "not quite right". For example, "Licking a doorknob makes me feel  wonkey". It all makes sense. I never knew there was such a thing as a doohickey. I mean a for real doohickey. That is what this is.

Fork thing two


I would call that a fork. I might call it  a shrimp stabber or a seafood spear, but not a doohickey. Since we are talking about the names of things that we use but don't know what to call them. What do you call those things you stick in the ends of corn on the cob so you can hold it while you eat it? Those things need a cool name don't you think? I like the name "Twiddlers". Because you kind of twiddle your thumbs when  you use them. What do you think? Want to come over and hold my Twiddlers?

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