I am a dog lover. Facebook appears to have become a necessary evil in  my life. While my dog is always excited and enthusiastic about greeting me, Facebook sometimes makes me wish I would have stayed by myself.

Should we value one over the other? Oddly enough some people do in a way I don't understand.

Granted my dog has not be able to produce inspirational sayings, or pictures of new babies, or videos of men reaching into dirty ponds and pulling out huge catfish. I still think in my mind that having a good dog everyday beats having Facebook to look at everyday.

This might surprise you but some people ,when given the choice between Facebook and their dog, would choose the social media site. 13% of Americans value the authentic realism and always accurate legal and medical advice of Facebook over a loyal friend who occasionally defecates on your carpet.

I do have to give Facebook credit in one area. That area is cost. The average dog owner might spend anywhere between $500 and $1000 annually on the health and welfare of their pet. Facebook doesn't cost nearly that much unless you've been caught chatting with an old high school flame and your spouse catches you and you lose half your stuff and the house.

There's another good thing about dogs. They really don't care if you pet another dog as long as you're going to be bringing them home with you. They also don't take a picture of their dog food bowl every night and express how hard they worked to make dinner.