Pinhook Rd in Lafayette is one of the busiest roads in the Hub City. Countless motorists travel the road every day and never give any thought as to why it's called Pinhook Rd. What is a Pinhook? Is it the last name of an Acadiana dignitary from the past? Well, turns out the origin of the name "Pinhook" is a bit of a hot mess...and a slight testament to good ole Cajun ingenuity.

According to, the history behind the name Pinhook involves Cafe' Vermilionville and a shady neighbor. Although the neighbor was shady, you have to appreciate his crafty ways to get what he wanted.

The whole story is told in a painting you can see at Cafe' Vermilionville.

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In the painting hidden behind a bush is a man ready to steal chickens off of the Cafe Vermilionville property. This man was a neighbor that used to take a pin (needle) and bend it into a hook. Once he bent the hook he would then tie the pin onto a fishing pole with a piece of corn attached. By making this make-shift trap he was able to steal away the chickens from the property. Because of the unique way the man made his hook from a pin the street was named Pinhook, and today you can find Cafe Vermilionville and the painting on Pinhook Road.


How amazingly Cajun is that?

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