I am pretty sure moments after the Berlin Wall was erected, people started covering it with graffiti. Much the same can be said for the "information super-highway" as we called it a decade or so ago. The internet is like a giant blank canvas and almost all of us want to make sure we leave our mark, no matter how insignificant. While some of us might simply want to carve our initials on this great electronic tree of knowledge, others have given us a place to dispose of our cares, worries, concerns and thoughts. Here are some of the strangest sites I have found on the internet.


Bruce's cheap camera

Deleted Images-The Junkyard of Art. We all have those pictures we've taken with our digital cameras that just didn't turn out. Well there is now a website that is the holding tank for the blurred dog, the fuzzy sunset, the left shoe of a stranger in Paris. Before you delete your photos you might think of dumping some of your outtakes for all to enjoy right there on the site.







Another Day, Another Word- You remember those word of the day calendars? Each day you turned the calendar page and there was a different word. A lot of times the words were those that you wouldn't normally use in conversation. This website is not like that at all. If you click on it you will see what I mean. It is just a word. No meaning, no using it in a sentence just one word on a plain white background. The word does change everyday if you'd like to check back.






Noooooooooooooo.com- This is the perfect site for when you've just had one of those startling reservations in your life. Perhaps you've just stepped barefoot into the yard only to discover the neighbor's dog has been there before you and left an organic calling card that is currently oozing between your toes. That is what this site is for, at least that's what I think it's for.








Snapbubbles.com-I personally think popping the bubbles in sheet of bubble wrap is more relaxing than a handful of Valium. If you've never taken Valium, just imagine yourself in hammock on a beautiful fall day, the world is crumbling around you and you don't care because you've got ice cream. Bubble wrap is that good if you ask me.





The Mobile Tracker- I must caution you. Use this site only if you are prepared to know the truth. This is a site that will allow you to catch that no good cheating husband, boyfriend, wife, spouse, mailman, pizza delivery guy or whomever you're trying to find. Just enter the mobile telephone number of the person you are trying to find and be ready to be brave. I suggest you don't enter your own phone number unless you are alone and you like seeing all of your dirty little secrets on display.




These are just some of the time wasters...er, informative sites I found doing research for my very important job. Okay, my job isn't important but it was fun looking around at the stranger side of the world wide web.