Bone-in or boneless? Drums or flats? Those are probably the most important questions when it comes to preparing for your upcoming Super Bowl party.

Chicken wings are one of the most popular game-day foods. Ahead of last year's Super Bowl, Americans were estimated to be prepping 1.42 billion wings for the big game.

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Basically, we eat a lot of wings.

So, if you're not looking to make your own wings, you're looking for the best place to pick some up. We've scoured social media, travel review sites, and menus across Lafayette's diverse restaurant scene to figure out the best places to go to get your wing fix.

Now, according to the Internet, here are the best places in Lafayette to get your chicken wings today.

1. Central Pizza & Bar

Among the most emphatic positive reviews were those for Central Pizza & Bar. The downtown pizza joint has excellent wings, which get rave reviews all the time. "We had the central dip and central wings," one person wrote on TripAdvisor. "Though the dip was good, the wings were the bomb!" Another person wrote that "their wings are unbelievable!"

2. KOK Wings

"These had to be the crispiest wings I've ever had in my life," one review says on Yelp. "The wings and fries were both seasoned well and tasted amazing." The only complaint you'll find in most places is that it sometimes takes a while, but even those comments will end up rightfully admitting that the wings are worth the wait.

3. Dean-O's Pizza

Another local pizza legend also has highly regarded wings. They are "juicy and enormous," claimed one social media post, and they aren't wrong. Pizza and wings are just a fantastic combo, and while you may have too many options to choose from when it comes to pizza, the wing options are simple: dry, Buffalo, barbecue, or fire - none of which are the wrong choice, either.

4. The Original Patti

A longtime Lafayette staple, an order of traditional wings is a recent addition to an already-beloved menu. The wings are massive, with the drums and the flats pretty meaty, and they have three options for sauces - Buffalo, Sweet BBQ, or their house-made "Blazing BBQ." You may like their burgers, but you shouldn't sleep on their wings.

5. Fat Pat's

Credit: Fat Pat's/Facebook
Credit: Fat Pat's/Facebook

Fat Pat's is a local chain that also has pretty good-sized wings. What's more, it isn't just the wings or the sauce, it's the fact that you can get them "Dirty Bird" style, meaning they're covered in cheese and bacon for that extra pop. If wings and sports are your thing, one reviewer absolutely sells it here. "If you're into watching college football, having a couple of burgers, wings, and cold brew," he notes, "this is the place to be in Lafayette."

6. Corner Seafood and Wings

Located in Youngsville, this local business has a growing number of fans online. "This place is such a gem," one person exclaimed on Yelp. "This place did not disappoint at all," another added. If you're in that part of the parish, it's worth trying them out.

7. ATF Bistro

ATF Bistro will absolutely have you at the jump. "First off," one review wrote, "the customer service starting with the greeting was great, max points for first impressions there." But from there, it just keeps getting better. While most folks seem to go for the lobster roll ATF is known for, a lot of folks are indeed fans of the wings you can find there, too.

Bone-in or Boneless?

One of the most divisive debates in the wing game is undoubtedly whether or not to go with bone-in or boneless wings. "Boneless wings" are, to be fair, kind of a misnomer - nothing about them actually comes from the wing. It's breast meat. However, they are a bit easier to eat than bone-in wings.

One person felt so passionate about the topic that they spoke before their local government on the issue.

So, when you go to order your wings, which style are you getting?

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