When you're so excited to leave on vacation that you forget even the basics, things can go haywire pretty quickly. Especially if you are headed to a location that doesn't have shopping readily available. I'm usually pretty organized when it comes to packing, but everyone needs a little help sometimes!

The folks at HuffPost have a reminder for you - don't leave the following things sitting on the counter at home as you are headed to your summer vacation.

  • Your Phone Charger - here's a tip, send yourself a reminder, on your phone, before you leave. This item would pretty much make or break your vacay if left at home
  • Toothpaste - I always remember the toothbrush, but somehow the toothpaste eludes me
  • Camera Accessories - even if your cell phone takes amazing photos, you might want to bring your digital camera along. But if you forget the camera charger and extra memory cards, it doesn't really matter if you want that gorgeous sunset saved
  • Swimsuit - you might not think that there will be an opportunity to swim, but you don't want to be the one left out of the fun when everyone else is having cocktails poolside. FYI - I pack my bathing suit for EVERY trip, and have never regretted it
  • A Lock - bringing a travel lock with you is always a good idea
  • First Aid Kit - a small one with just the basics will do. Ever got a blister from a new pair of shoes that you bought for vacation, and didn't have a band aid? Lesson learned on that one!
  • A Brush or Comb - I manage to bring blow dryer, styling accessories, and curling iron, but somehow forget the brush
  • Snacks - don't leave home without them. I once was stuck in an airport for 8 hours, with no restaurants open. Good thing I had my granola bars with me.
  • Warm Clothes - at least bring a sweater or long sleeved shirt, even if it's summer. If you travel to other parts of the country, or world, that you're not used to, weather can be very, very different. Last week at CMA Music Fest, the temperature got down to 52 degrees one night, and boy was I glad I had a long sleeved shirt!
  • Laundry Essentials - a stain removal pen or dryer sheet to take out static on your clothes is always good to have on hand

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