A few years back my wife Jill and I took a trip to Tahiti. Before going I had a friend who had made the trip before tell me it was the most beautiful place on Earth. When we arrived and checked in to our hotel I knew my friend was telling the truth. In my imagination this is what heaven would look like.




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We landed in Papeete the capital of French Polynesia. From there we took a very small airplane to the island of Moorea. Moorea is basically a volcano that exploded from the ocean floor thousands of years ago and turned into a lush tropical playground.



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Our hotel room added to the ambiance of the adventure. It wasn't just a hotel room, it was a bungalow on stilts above the pristine waters of the South Pacific. From the living room we could see through the glass bottom floor of the bungalow into the water below. At night these waters were teaming with beautiful tropical fish and sharks. During the day even my big fat butt couldn't resist slipping on a pair of flippers and going snorkeling in the perfect waters of the lagoon.




The daylight hours were accented with gentle breezes from the ocean. This kept the bungalow comfortable and tropical with windows and sliding glass doors wide open. The decks were perfect for sleeping in the sun and sharing an ice cold beverage while we worked on our tans. At night I remember laying back on the chaise lounges and searching the star filled sky for the Southern Cross.

This is a video of a bungalow that was very similar to the one in which we stayed. If you are looking for a place to get off the grid, relax and remove yourself from the stress of the day to day I suggest you look here. I understand it is a bit expensive but how many times do you get to take the trip of a lifetime?