Are you headed someplace where they don't speak English? Maybe Europe, Mexico or California? Well there is a trick to getting what you need and what you want with out making the locals mad. There is nothing like a ticked off waiter from another land who mixes your drink behind closed doors if you know what I mean. So if you're not used to traveling abroad and plan to go a little further than Gulf Shores this Summer, you might want to take these tips to heart.

Matt, himself an American, observes that the tendency of some American tourists to add an “o” to any English word in an attempt to make locals understand them “is the absolute worst rookie move – and we see this all the time and die laughing.” He adds that the “funniest part is that, since Panama had the U.S. occupying the Canal for so long, this ridiculously embarrassing method usually works.”

So beer-0 and drink-0 want get you too far neither will speaking louder, it just makes folks mad. I suggest a handy phrase book and lots of pleases and thank you's plus be humble, very humble.

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