As we let the fact sink in that we had not one, but two mass shootings in the United States over the weekend, it's time to remember that there is so much good in the world too.

Watching coverage of the aftermath of the shootings this morning, I was struck by the fact that there are so many more good people in the world than bad people. And that we should all count our blessings. Some of you might not know this, but I am the mother of someone who has been shot. My son was a United States Marine, and was shot and injured in combat in Iraq. Yes, I know it's not the same as some deranged person running into a building with an AK40, but does it really matter? The feeling of having a loved one hurt by a maniac is still there, and every time I see reports of these shootings it brings that gut wrenching, anxious feeling back to my heart. I would love for it to go away, but it probably won't. But I also will never forget the kindness of so many people after that traumatic event.

So, for today, I am choosing to remember the good in people, and to share some of the wonderful things below that I love about my life, and living in the greatest country in the world. Please feel free to add your own blessings to my list, and God Bless America, y'all.

  • I have two healthy children who love what they are doing
  • Sunshine and summer in Acadiana
  • Walking along the beach in Destin or Gulf Shores
  • Going to festivals, and having so many to choose from
  • Getting fresh produce and handmade goods at the farmers market
  • Great local restaurants with fabulous food
  • Hunting for bargains, and sharing that info with friends
  • Traveling the back roads of Louisiana, looking for the best of small town America
  •  Laughing with good friends
  • Getting shrimp right off the boat in Delcambre
  • Seeing concerts / live music
  • Going to arts and crafts shows and supporting local artisans
  • Attending ball games at Russo Park or Cajun Field
  • Cooking delicious cajun food
  • Spending the day in one of America's greatest cities right down the road -  New Orleans
  • Helping others, and helping raise money for the kids at St Jude Children's Research Hospital
  • Going to specialty meat markets in our area, and smelling the amazing aromas the second you walk in the door.
  • Waiting for the reboot of Beverly Hills 90210 to premiere this week, even though Luke Perry won't be on it (#RIP)

Peace and love, y'all!

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