We know we are unique and special here in the Bayou State. We have our own way of talking, our own unique food, and definitely our own distinctive culture. So when people from other parts of the country say things that we don't understand, we are puzzled.

Only in Louisiana has some suggestions of things that we Louisianians might not understand. And honestly, most Yankees don't really get our way of life, or accents, either! But it's nice to live in a country that embraces so many different ways of living. Check out the list of phrases and words not commonly used here in Louisiana, y'all.

  • Pop - did you mean coke?
  • Chayote squash - we say mirliton
  • This is too spicy - huh?
  • It's game time!  - Don't you mean WHO DAT?!
  • Swimming in the outlet - or here in Louisiana, the bayou
  • Hey you guys - or, how bout - hey y'all!
  • Last call - uhhh, we don't think so
  • It's time to go home - no, laissez les bon temps roulez, cher!
  • Hoagies - Po' Boy
  • Lettuce, tomato, pickles and mayonnaise - just say I want my po' boy dressed
  • Godfather - it's Parrain
  • You can't take that drink with you - or, yes you can, with a geaux cup!

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