I found it only appropriate that we continue with the 'working overnight theme' for tonight Dawgs. Especially because I have something to share with you.

I'm pretty sure 97.3 The Dawg is haunted. There, I said it. Its either that or my coffee is playing tricks on me.

Michele Piacquadio/ThinkStock
Michele Piacquadio/ThinkStock

Every now and then, I hear strange noises (when I actually turn the music down) coming from the lobby. Now, I know that I am not at all alone here so I go around and ask if the others heard or were the cause of said noises. Of course the answer is no. So now I'm really freaked out.

Yes, this just happened about 10 minutes ago. Now, for you to fully understand why it freaked me out, I need to explain something. I do strangely believe in the supernatural and in things that go bump in the night. It happens at my house (which is almost 200 years old) all the time. So of course I am going to investigate.

The other side of the building is always empty at night and quite creepy. The hallways are eerily dark and the only light is in the small break room. You already know that I put my brave face on and the light on my phone and start looking around. As always, nothing.

I don't know what could possibly be making noises and having fun in the lobby, but I am determined to figure it out. What do you think it could be? Am I just an idiot? I will keep you up to date on my findings. Wish me luck Dawgs!