The problem with mosquitoes and humans is that we both want to spend time in the same places. While it's not so bad for the mosquitoes to share the space with the humans, we humans feel the wrath of all of those darn bug bites anytime we have to spend more than a few minutes together with mosquitoes of any kind.

Asian Tiger Mosquito
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We all know here in Louisiana mosquitoes are a part of life. They are going to show up every summer and every summer we're going to attempt to get rid of them or at least keep them away from where we want to be. Oddly enough, for all of our brain power, when it comes to solving issues like mosquitoes we always think way too hard.

That's because the likely solution to your mosquito issue is either growing in your backyard already or you can pick it up at your neighborhood grocery store or farmers market for just a few cents. What's the miracle that makes the mosquitoes go away?

It's Rosemary. And as this video demonstrates, you really have to want to kill it to make it die.

Rosemary is a herb that grows well here in South Louisiana. Most of us grow it because it adds a nice fresh spark to dishes made with beef and poultry. It also is a darn fine mosquito preventer as well.

Here's all you need to do. Just gather a bundle of rosemary from your garden or your favorite store. Whatever part of the herb you don't use in your recipe you'll want to place it in a small metal pan on your grill. Just lay the herbs in the pan and let them start to smoke. Keep the heat low so the herbs don't burst into flames but keep them high enough so you do get that smokey aroma.

The fragrance from the smouldering rosemary is pleasant for humans and irritating as heck to mosquitoes and other flying bugs. If you don't have rosemary you can also use lavender, mint, or lemon balm. These natural herbs won't hurt you or your pets but they will keep the bugs at bay and all for about a buck and a half.

Now, if you find you've been too late in getting the herbal essence to enforce the bug ban and you've gotten a bite, here's what you can do to make that bite better with some easy to follow steps and guidelines.

10 Handy Home Remedies to Take the Itch Out of Mosquito Bites




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