Our golden retriever Lucy is 8-years-old. Unfortunately she's begun to have have seizures in the past year. My wife Jill was talking to some friends at work about it recently, and someone recommended a simple technique they use to help their dog with seizures. Last night, Lucy started having a seizure so my wife used this technique and it really seemed to help.

The technique is called ocular compression. Ocular compression is a technique used to induce vagus nerve stimulation, and it really seems to help control the seizures. We did it last night when Lucy started seizing, and it definitely shortened and decreased the severity of it.

Ocular compression is an application of pressure to one or both eyes, either manually with the hands or by using a medical device. Manual maneuvers at home can be very effective at preventing seizures in dogs. The use of the OC technique has also been reported to shorten the length of seizures, as well as significantly reduce the adverse effects experienced after a seizure, such as confusion, disorientation and blindness.


Maybe you've heard of this trick, but in case you haven't I thought I'd pass it along to you. Before you decide to use OC, please talk to your veterinarian first. I'm no vet and certainly do not want to recommend anything that might harm your pooch.

Have you ever used this technique to help your dog with seizures?

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