Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have three daughters, so they've long been used to a home filled with the sounds of their girls, Gracie, Maggie and Audrey.

Gracie, the couple's eldest, turned 21 in May, and her "Irish twin," Maggie, turned 20 in August. Audrey is the McGraws' last remaining school-aged child at 16. McGraw says he and Hill are still trying to get used to the fact that they will soon be empty-nesters.

"Audrey is starting her junior year, so we just have a little more time with her. and our other daughters are out conquering the world right now," McGraw tells Taste of Country Nights' Sam Alex.

Tim McGraw Wants His Daughter to Do Music

"It's toughest on mom, because she is the one ... they always want mom to do stuff for them. Sometimes she just misses them and doing things for them everyday and doing things moms do," he admits. "I think it’s really tough on her sometimes."

McGraw says that watching his girls grow has its share of bittersweet moments, but there are also moments that put him over the the moon with the women his girls are becoming, thanks to their mom.

"They had had such a great role model in their mother to model themselves after to go out and face the world as a woman because of who was involved in raising them," says the superstar, who just released a new single "Neon Church" and is currently working on a new album. "They’ve gotten some good tools."

McGraw even took the time to offer some parenting advice: "The only parenting advice is if you get half the things right, you are doing pretty good. And you never sleep the same way again, ever, the rest of your life."

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