Obviously, the price of gas is the number one topic of conversation on everyone's lips right now. A recent Facebook post might just temporarily turn your tears of frustration into tears of laughter.

Man Sings Don't Take The Girl To Gas Pump
Facebook Via Scott Profitt

Man Sings 'Don't Take The Girl" To Gas Pump

Scott Profitt, owner of Seven North Custom designs and apparel is feeling the pain at the pump like we all are.

The current average price per gallon in the U.S. is $4.33 for regular unleaded, $5.13 for diesel.

In Louisiana today (03/12/22) the average price per gallon is $4.15, $4.99 for diesel.

Road trips, work commutes, vacations...everything is recently been sent into a tailspin because of historically high gas prices.




You've certainly seen funny memes and videos being posted on social media as a result, but one guy has one of the best responses to the "gas-a-geddon" we've seen yet.

Released in 1994, Tim McGraw's number one hit "Don't Take the Girl" "tells the story of two young lovers dealing with difficult scenarios at three different stages in their lives. In each situation, the man does all he can to make sure that different people 'don't take the girl'" as explained by Wikipedia.

The character in the song offers up numerous things to save the girl he loves like money, credit cards, his car, his own life, and much to the assured dismay of his childhood friends Jimmy Johnson, Tommy Thompson and "Bo", the character pleads for their lives to be taken instead of his love.

Scott Profitt hilariously reenacts these pleas to a gas pump in exchange for a tank of gas.

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