There is a small group of citizens that really appreciate it when the clocks fall back and we return to standard time every year. That group of citizens is known as morning disc jockeys and morning TV personalities. While we don't really like messing with the clocks at all the fact that it gets darker earlier means it's easier for us with an early bedtime to fall asleep.

While we early to bed folks like the early darkness, most of you do not. The change back to standard times means more driving in the dark. Darkness is a leading contributor to accidents. According to Elaine Rougeau with the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission,

"Motorists can be distracted, especially when adjusting to the night time driving environment,"

Not only will this evening bring rush hour traffic at the usual time but add darkness to the mix and you've set the stage for accidents to be plentiful.

"The time change throws off our internal clock and it could as long as two weeks for our bodies adjust,"

Rougeau's comments were reported by the Louisiana Radio Network.

What can motorist do to ease the transition into standard time and more nighttime driving? It's really quite simple. Slow down, allow extra time for travel and be even more alert. The good news is the weather should be clear and roadways should be dry for the next several days while we all get used to the return to standard time.

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