Everyone in Acadiana is experiencing the blustery and cold weather that made its way through the area overnight. And it looks like it's here to stay for a bit.

According to KATC's Rob Perillo, we'll have overnight lows in mid to upper-20s the next three nights.


During extreme cold conditions like we're seeing over these next few days, it's always a good reminder that you need to take care of your home (especially your pipes).

But let's not forget about our pets, livestock and plants.

The Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry urges all livestock and pet owners to take the necessary precautions to protect their animals during the freezing temperatures.

Here are some cold weather tips for livestock, pet and plant owners:


• Owners should check their livestock and look for signs of stress, illness, or injury.
• Pay close attention to the young and older animals as they are more susceptible to problems
during frigid conditions.
• Provide plenty of hay, feed, energy supplements, and water.
• Be sure to check water troughs as they can ice over.
• If possible, make adequate shelter available. Even a wind-break will minimize exposure to cold

Companion Animals

• If possible, keep all companion animals indoors. If this is not an option, make sure there is a dry
shelter available and have warm blankets for your pet.
• Provide adequate food and water. Monitor water bowls as they can freeze during cold weather.
• Consider a sweater for your short-haired dog.
• Outdoor cats searching for warmth will sometimes crawl underneath the hood of a vehicle. Bang
on or open the hood of your car so any animal in there trying to stay warm can get out before
you crank up that engine. Cats can be injured or even killed when the car is started.


• Move all plants in containers and hanging baskets inside. If this is not possible, group them in a
protected area and cover them with plastic.
• Larger plants can be covered with fabric or plastic.
• Thoroughly water plants if the soil is dry.
• For plants growing in the ground, mulch them with dry material such as pine straw and leaves.


Cold Weather Preparations.mov from Jennifer Finley on Vimeo.

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