I hate cancer. I know we're not supposed to hate but I really hate cancer. It has affected too many people in my life and would like it to stop. One of the ways that we are waging the battle against this cruel disease is through research. Today is a day that has been set aside to raise awareness of what you can do to help yourself, your family, and our community defeat this awful disease.

Director of the Louisiana Cancer and Prevention Programs with LSU Health New Orleans, Donna Williams told the Louisiana Radio Network,

Everywhere all across the world there are things that can be done to decrease the deaths from cancer.

The increased awareness across the state and across the country is already paying dividends in lives saved. Cervical cancer was the top killer of women in the United States in the 1930's less than 100 years later mortality rates have dropped tremendously because of research and education.

Since the advent of PAP testing and now the HPV vaccine, no one should even get cervical cancer much less die from it, and those rates have plummeted.

Another key component in the battle against cancer has been early detection. More and more people are understanding that knowing their bodies and knowing what to be aware of and what changes in behavior can truly save their lives.

If you smoke, of course, put them down, get some help, and break that habit. For breast cancer, we have very, very god early detection means, so get that mammogram.

Regardless, when you know better you do better. We are doing better in our desire to eradicate cancer from the face of the Earth. However, the battle is not over yet. If you or someone you love is currently dealing with cancer we pray for a healthy outcome. If you've lost someone to this awful malady, our sincere condolences, and let's not let their passing be in vain. We can win against cancer and we will.

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