In this modern time they hold our internet together or help keep the bad guys out. In a simpler time they were what made your older brothers pants suitable for wearing by a younger brother according to a very frugal mom. It is that tiny piece of protection. That little extra addition that can make an item priceless as opposed to worthless. It is the patch.


Today is Patch Appreciation Day: Think of all the things that you have patched in your lifetime. There is the nicotine patch to help us stop smoking. There is the inner tube patch that has helped many a bicycle rider or swimming pool floater in the summertime. There is the security patch which never seems to be able to download on  my computer. These patches can be lifesavers.

There is beauty in the chaos that is the patch. I love to look at handmade patchwork quilts. There is also something very sophisticated about the gentleman whose jacket has patches on the sleeves. The patch has even made its way into a Boudreaux and Thibodeaux joke.

Yes today we celebrate the patch. So as you tack on some duct tape and hope it holds together for the Memorial Day holiday just remember without the patch, many times we'd be a slow leak away from stranded with a hole in our jeans.

Let's celebrate the patch in song with the great Jerry Reed want to?


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