Don't stress about where to take your family this summer for a relaxing getaway. Check out these three, awesome vacation spots!

  • Disney Gift Cards, Facebook
    Disney Gift Cards, Facebook

    Orlando-Walt Disney

    When some people think of Disney World they often think of long lines, screaming kids, and an expensive bill. However, there are actually many good reasons to take your family to Disney World this summer. Dining with Mickey, Minnie and the rest of the Disney gang will surely put a smile on any child's face. The thrill of the amusement park is extraordinary. Also, there are fun after hour activities for the grownups. If you start itching for the beach, Disney World is only a couple hours away from other Florida destinations.

  • Hawaii, Facebook
    Hawaii, Facebook

    Honolulu- Oahu

    Honolulu offers some of the best beach and sightseeing opportunities for families. It is nothing compared to your normal Florida beach vacation. Hawaii is exceptionally beautiful and the kind locals are very welcoming. Be sure to take the family snorkeling with giant sea turtles or on a tour to see active volcanoes.

  • Alaska, Facebook
    Alaska, Facebook

    Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska

    Glaciers cover 27 percent of the 3.2 million-acre marine wilderness, home to humpback whales, harbor porpoises, moose, black and brown bears, etc. Taking the opportunity to explore this part of the world during the summer is not only very smart because the winter months in Alaska are brutal, but it is the most beautiful time. Book an Alaskan cruise or take a daylong kayak-adventure to explore the shoreline.

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