Friday, November 22 is the 50th anniversary of the assassination of our 35th President of the United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Although Lee Harvey Oswald was commonly thought to be the person who shot the President in Dallas, conspiracy theories are rampant, even to this day. From ABC News:' According to a 2003 ABC News Poll, 70 percent of Americans believe Kennedy's death was "the result of a plot, not the act of a lone killer." Fifty-one percent believe Oswald did not act alone, and 7 percent believe Oswald was not involved at all in the assassination.'

The theories range from 'The Soviets did it' to 'The Mafia did it' to 'The Cubans did it'.  Some people are even pointing the finger at the CIA, or Lyndon Johnson! Take your pick, everyone's got an opinion. ABC News has come up with the Top 5 Conspiracy Theories on the JFK Assassination - see if you agree with any of them. And RIP, Mr Kennedy, God Bless.