Chances are if you've driven I-10 between Lafayette and Lake Charles you've seen the exit signs for the community of Welsh. Welsh is a pleasant south Louisiana town located in Jefferson Davis Parish. It's also a town that now holds a very unique distinction.

The town of Welsh if the "Official Home of the Cajun Dictionary".  According to the town's mayor, Carolyn Louviere, the dictionary was the  passion of the town's long time former pastor Father Jules Daigle.

In comments reported by the Louisiana Radio Network Louviere said that Father Daigle wasn't pleased with the way Cajun French was being spoken so he decided to write a book on the subject. In fact he wrote two books, A Dictionary of Cajun Language and Cajun Self Taught.

The Mayor says that the official designation came about through the efforts of the town council.

We voted to send a letter to our Senator and Representative and it went before the legislature and was passed.

Louviere believes the designation bestowed by the state would make Father Daigle very happy.

Home of the Cajun Dictionary, I’ll add it to our town stationary, right under the title of Welsh, Louisiana, just to honor him.

Both books by Father Daigle are on sale in the town of Welsh and may also be purchased online through 



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