A tropical disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico will just squeak by the Louisiana coast going into the weekend, heading to southeast Texas for a weekend of drenching rains.

There's a slight possibility of further development of the system, but it won't be anything close to the major tropical storms that wreak havoc on the Gulf coast this time of year. However, the incoming rains will be extremely helpful to that part of Texas, which has been under a drought recently.

The Weather Channel has been keeping an eye on the system.

As is typical in August, there is an ample supply of deep, warm Gulf water on which a budding tropical system can feed. And neither of the twin nemeses of tropical cyclones – wind shear and dry air – appear to be too high in the Gulf.

However, this system won't have much time before it moves into southern Texas by Sunday, when any chance for development would end.

Whether or not it becomes a depression, parts of coastal and south Texas will see soaking rain each day through early Monday.

We are now approaching the busiest part of the hurricane season. The number of storms has historically picked up in August and we see the heaviest load of storms through September and into October.

Hurricane Viewed from Space
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However, recent predictions for the severity of this hurricane season were recently scaled down, indicating a milder season than we were originally predicting. Residents in south Louisiana and along the Gulf coast can possibly expect one less named storm this season.

While we may not be getting a tropical disturbance this weekend, KATC's Daniel Phillips says we can still expect some showers to end the week.

There's going to be enough sunshine in the morning to help jump temperatures up to around 90 for the high before afternoon showers start to help us out a little.

Saturday will be similar although a few less showers are expected which means that the temperatures will be slightly higher.

The moisture finally will relinquish its grip on Acadina over the weekend and by Sunday it looks drier and hotter.

The start of next week will be fairly quiet and we'll be back to unsettled weather by the end of next week.

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