In a state that is known for being weird, unusual, and frankly, kinda creepy, we have places that even WE think are.....out there. Only in Louisiana has brought to my attention some really crazy and strange places around the Bayou State that stand out from all others. The kind of places that you might want to take out of town company to show them how cool Louisiana is. Maybe. Or maybe not.


  • Touchstone Wildlife and Art Museum - Haughton - over 1,000 small and large animal mounts from around the world
  • Kenny Hill Sculpture Garden - Chauvin - since 1990, over 100 concrete sculptures have been added to this small area, which is open to the public
  • Big Rocking Chair - Ruston - a 12 foot rocking chair used as a roadside attraction for many years before it was purchased by an antiques store last summer
  • Marie Laveau's Tomb - New Orleans - St Louis Cemetery #2 is the scene of this creepy structure, which has just been restored. Many visitors stop by and leave tokens for favors asked
  • Abandoned Jazz Land Amusement Park - New Orleans - this really scary place is now rented out for movies and tv shows, but every once in awhile somebody breaks in, and we get to see pictures of what Hurricane Katrina and years of neglect has done to this once fun place
  • The Singing Oak - New Orleans - the largest wind chime sculpture in America. Supposed to be very soothing when sitting near this huge oak tree in City Park
  • National Hansen's Disease Museum - Carville - one of only two leprosy hospitals in the United States. On the site of an old sugar plantation, the hospital was open and working until 2015
  • Manchac Swamp - said to be cursed by a voodoo queen in the early 20th century, and is known as one of the most haunted places in Louisiana
  • Lake Peigneur - New Iberia - site of the disastrous salt mine accident that swallowed 65 acres of surrounding land in 1980

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