This Saturday night in Lafayette's Cajundome when the Acadiana Super Chevy Dealers bring the  Silverado Slam to town for one night only  you will see some amazing athletes. Some of those athletes wear cowboy hats, some of those athletes weigh almost two thousand pounds and the respect between the two is incredible.

The history of professional bull riding can not be told with out including Tuff Hedeman and Bodacious. Tuff is a four time world champion, Bodacious is the standard by which all other bucking bulls are measured. There was once a time when Tuff and Bodacious met face to hump in the bucking arena. That won't happen anymore since both are retired from competition.

You may not know the whole story of Tuff and Bodacious how after that fateful night in Las Vegas when Tuff's face was caved in they were scheduled to meet another time. This time things turned out completely different because of a promise Tuff  made to his son Lane.

Tuff is still very active in the sport of bull with the organization known as Championship Bull Riding or the CBR. The CBR makes its way into the Cajundome this Saturday night.Great seats are on sale now but you better get yours quick. Who knows what legend will be added to lore of cowboy versus bull this Saturday night. Just make sure you are in the Cajundome so you can tell everyone, you were there.