The rising cost of college tuition and the decrease in TOPS awards for students in Louisiana colleges has created a bit of a boom for a certain kind of online dating site. The dating site in question is called Seeking Arrangments. Its purpose is to connect potential "love" interest together for a unique arrangement.

There is nothing illegal about the Seeking Arrangments website. It is like any other dating site in that regard. The caveat is that many of the clients online are seeking "gifts" from their prospective dates. We aren't talking about some chocolates and flowers, we are talking bigger ticket items such as college tuition.

We had over 30% more signups on SeekingArangement. So it has to do a lot with tuition increases, but it also has to do with the lifestyle becoming more accepted.

Spokesperson Brook Urick says that's a substantial increase over last year.

The elephant in the room is this. How is this not prostitution? Urick explains,

A lot of women see it the wrong way. They’re like, ‘Oh I need to get paid for my time.’ No, get a job to get paid for your time, get a Sugar Daddy if you want to get gifted by someone you’re in a relationship with.

There is a difference between getting paid and receiving a gift. Ulrick suggests in her comments to the Louisiana Radio Network that their clients are very open about what they expect to give and to receive.

On SeekingArangement people are a little more honest, and if someone’s looking for their tuition paid, they can be honest about that, and they can find someone who wants to date them that’s willing to do that.

Ulrick says their average monthly allowance for a "sugar baby" is about $2,400 a month.


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