When I think of Tulane University I usually think of students who are pursuing professions that would find them to be quite sedate in social settings. One does not usually associate doctors,  lawyers, community leaders, scientist, and bad football with a lifestyle that might be considered raucous and outrageous.

I guess the folks at Tulane have something to sell to prospective students besides a good education and a good job after graduation. According to Playboy Magazine, the New Orleans university ranks as its number four party school in the country.

The ranking was based on nightlife, musical events, creativity in planning social events, and information from the National Center for Education Statistics. Somehow all of that lumped together and mixed properly and poured over ice gave Tulane a ranking right behind the number three school Florida State.

The top party school in the country according to Playboy was Ohio University followed by the University of Iowa, then Florida State and Tulane. After Tulane came the University of Illinois, the University of Texas at Austin, Syracuse, Wisconsin, Ole Miss, and Michigan to round out the top ten.

It's not the first time Tulane has been honored by such a dubious distinction. Last year the school placed at number nine on the Princeton Review's list of party schools. Regardless I am sure all the parents who are spending a lot of money to send their children to Tulane appreciate the fact that there is a wonderful campus social life available to their kids.

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