I am a fan of the website BuzzFeed. It's a great way to spend a little work time not doing work. They always have interesting stories and great quizzes. I like the ones where they can tell you things like "what kind of dog you need by building a pizza" or "how many times you'll have sex based on your favorite C-SPAN quotes".

Really, they are a creative bunch and have some really witty writers.

They, BuzzFeed, currently have a celebration of 2007 happening on their site. That was ten years ago my friends. It certainly doesn't seem like it's been a decade but it has. It was in the year 2007 that two of the worst food fads ever invented were in prominence across our land.

Perhaps you can scour your closet to find your Crocs and Ugg Boots?

Back in 2007 Crocs were the hip footwear of the day. People were finding ways to bedazzle them, make them formal looking and even wearing them to high-end restaurants like Applebees and Logan's Roadhouse. Crocs were the stuff. Today Crocs are mainly worn by overweight men who can't bend down to tie their shoes. They exemplify the phrase (rhymes with pooch) bag.

I am proud to say I never owned a pair.

The Ugg Boots, that's another story. I actually traveled to Austrailia where these hideous foot covers were created. It was there my wife, not me, purchased several pairs of those fur lined animals hides to wear during Louisiana's extreme winter conditions. I don't think she has worn the darn things once.

An extreme winter in Louisiana is a temperature of maybe 50 degrees. Trust me at 50 degrees your feet will sweat in Ugg Boots and the smell will remind you of cattle in heat. I'm from Mississippi I know that smell.

So, here's to 2007 and good riddance to your awful foot fads. Now, go to your closet and throw those two kinds of shoes away. They won't come back in style and you will never wear them again. Just like those Yo-Yo shoes you bought in the early '70's give them up. Be brave, not a fashion faux pas.

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