Most times when people try to defraud the insurance company, they usually just slap on a neck brace and claim they "slipped and fell". Two men in Spain have brought new meaning to trying to scheme insurance companies out of big money.

Each of these nut jobs sawed off their own hands! Ouch!!

The two cases were actually unconnected but each had the same idea. One guy used a chainsaw to chop off his hand. He claimed he lost his limb in a car accident and was seeking a $3.1 million settlement. Investigators discovered that the cut was too clean and busted his fraud attempt.

The other went with the much easier to use circular saw. He hacked off his entire lower arm and claimed it was a sawing accident. He was only hoping for a $775,000 payday. But, he was busted too after an investigation.

Not surprising, both men are facing criminal charges.