The problem with "friendly fire" is that it can be just as deadly as hostile fire. While this situation isn't a story about discharging weapons at the wrong target it is about two peace officers being accidentally injured by the actions of another officer.

Louisiana State Police report that two of their Troopers were injured during a high-speed pursuit near Hammond. In fact, the two troopers were removing a tire deflation device from the roadway about 2:15 early Wednesday morning when they were both struck by a Hammond Police Department police unit.

One of the officers was treated at a nearby hospital and released. The other Trooper, identified by the LSP as George Baker was reported to be in critical condition. As you can see from the Facebook Post above, Trooper Baker is in need of blood donations.

The Troopers, working with Hammond Police had just managed to deflate the tires on a suspect vehicle causing it to crash just before the incident occurred. The suspects' car crashed at a nearby intersection however police were unable to capture them as they fled on foot.

Late yesterday one of the two alleged suspects was arrested by Hammond Police. Tyler Cox of Hammond was taken into custody on charges related to the pursuit however the specifics of those charges were not available at this time. Another suspect, 18-year-old Nathan Anding is being sought in connection with the incident as well.


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