Filmmaker, actor, and New Orleans native Tyler Perry has once again stepped up to the plate in a big way. His 'Random Acts of Kindness' paid for groceries during designated senior hours at 29 Winn Dixie Grocery Stores in New Orleans, and 44 Kroger stores in Atlanta this morning. The hours have been set aside by many stores for those with disabilities, senior citizens, or those who are high risk during the coronavirus pandemic. reports that senior shoppers were given a piece of paper that said 'Random Act of Kindness' upon entering the store, and told to bring it to the register when they were ready to check out. The bill was then paid for by Perry. What an amazing act of kindness and generosity! One of the recipients wanted to pay it forward, so she made a donation to Second Harvest Food Bank in Perry's name. See her Facebook post in the Where Nola Eats group below.

'This morning at WinnDixie on Tchoupitoulas during the senior hour, I got my cart and one wipe and at the front entrance, the manager, I think, was passing out little pieces of paper. On the paper it said “a random act of kindness” and he said to give it to your cashier. So, after getting my last minute perishable Passover items, I waited on the six foot dots and when it was my turn, I greeted the new checker (shift change) and handed her my piece of paper. The machine was having trouble logging her in, but I was patient and happily bagged my groceries as she scanned them to save time. When she was done, she asked me “Do you know who Tyler Perry is?” “Yeah, I know who he is.” I said. “Well,” she said, “he just paid for your groceries as his random act of kindness.” “Really?” I said as my eyes teared up, thanking her as she handed my my receipt. Thank you Tyler Perry! To pay it forward, I made a donation in your honor to Second Harvest Food Bank for what would have been the cost of my groceries today. 🙏❤️'


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