The Lafayette Police Department has announced they will be conducting active shooter training at Griffin Hall on the campus of UL.

Doug Dugas
Doug Dugas

UL Active Shooter Training

If you hear or see anything alarming at Griffin Hall on UL's campus today or Monday, know that active shooter training is being conducted.

The UL Police Department will conduct Active Shooter Response Training from noon until 11:59 p.m. on Friday, April 7, and Monday, April 10, in Griffin Hall according to KATC.

Students and employees will not be allowed to enter Griffin Hall during these training times.

In an effort to quell concerns, signs will reportedly be posted on campus to remind people that the training is taking place.

From KATC -

"During the training, police officers will fire simunition rounds that may sound like gunfire. Simunition rounds are small, paintball-like projectiles. No simunition rounds will be fired outside Griffin Hall, the spokesperson stated."

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