UL-Lafayette head football coach, Mark Hudspeth, has responded to Katie de la Rosa, editor in chief of The Vermilion, for her criticism about Ragin' Cajuns Quarterback Terrence Broadway's performance against Tulane in the 2013 R+L Carrier's Bowl in New Orleans.

The Vermilion editor was none too pleased with the efforts by the man under center on the night of December 21, 2013, nor did she seem pleased with Hudspeth's play calling from the sideline in the New Orleans Bowl, which UL won 24-21.

Broadway, who had surgery just three weeks prior to the bowl game, returned to the team with great valor. While it may not have been his best performance as a Cajun, it was certainly one of the best efforts any player has ever made in UL football history.

Coach Hudspeth says that he understands that there will be those critical of his decisions, but what he will not allow are those in the media to be critical of his players when they risk further injury; or even their career, while giving all their effort for his program.

The entire letter is worth the read, but just to give you an idea of his response to the The Vermilion, here are the final words coach put to paper:

I have been coaching for two decades now and I can honestly say that I have never experienced a sacrifice like the one that Terrance made against Tulane.  It was incredible.  I wish I could have been as impressed with your story.  Unfortunately, I gave it a strong D-, with the curve.

Hud wasn't the only Ragin' Cajuns Coach to stand up and defend the efforts of their players. Head strength and conditioning coach Rusty Whitt's response was just as veracious as Hudspeth's.

BTW, Terrance Broadway’s radius bone in his throwing arm was broken during the 3rd Quarter of the ULM game.  He probably tried to play with it, but eventually made it known to the athletic trainer and was unable to complete that important contest.  He had surgery the next day, and had a steel plate screwed into his arm.  Around twenty days later, he took the field and played well enough to garner a win for his team.  Maybe you should have focused on the guts and pain tolerance Terrance displayed, instead of giving him an ‘F”.

In case you may not know, Coach Rusty Whitt is also known as the coach that made ESPN highlights for having zero concern for the trail of blood that trickled down his face during the Cajuns first ever bowl win.

Would you ever want to be on this guy's bad side?

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 De la Rosa has responded to the criticism, defending her original article here.

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